Xataka, the “leading technology publication in Spanish,” recommends Lo Salvaje, the Spanish translation of my short story collection, The Wilds:13 estrenos lanzamientos imprescindibles para fin semana: ‘Peninsula’, ‘The Empty man’, Alien: Isolation’ gratis y mucho mas.”

Habemus nueva editorial, Horror Vacui, que quiere publicar obras escritas por mujeres, pero ojo, “que dé cabida a una literatura inquietante, grotesca, monstruosa, que se aleje de las convenciones de una mal llamada «literatura femenina»“. Y arrancan de forma inmejorable, con un libro de relatos de Julia Elliott donde hay espacio para todo: de la ciencia-ficción al horror gótico, de atmósferas apocalípticas a cuentos de hadas, pero siempre con un punto personalísimo.

lo salvaje

Spanish Translation of THE WILDS

Horror Vacui, a new imprint from Barcelona, Spain, has just released the Spanish edition of my story collection The Wilds. Horror Vacui focuses “on the task of publishing literature related to the wild, the monstrous feminine, the grotesque and the disturbing or uncomfortable. [They] are interested in books with potential to map and transform our world, to explore the condition of the human being and its underlying darkness.”

lo salvaje 3

“Hellion” Podcast on NPR

Pulitzer-prize-winning author Anthony Doerr selected my story “Hellion,” originally published in The Georgia Review, for Best American Short Stories 2019. My story was featured in Selected Shorts: Best American Short Stories with Anthony Doerr at Symphony Space in New York City on October 2, 2019. Actor Donna Lynne Champlin (of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend) read “Hellion,” and a recording of her reading is now available as a podcast on NPR.

“Guest host Tayari Jones presents stories about rites of passage between childhood and adulthood. In Brazilian writer Clarice Lispector’s lyrical ‘The First Kiss,’ a young boy has his first brush with the sensual. Pepe Nufrio is the reader. A fiery country girl shows a cool city boy the ropes—and a gator—in ‘Hellion,’ written by Julia Elliott, and read by Donna Lynne Champlin.”

Genre-Mixing Prompt on STORY A DAY

Day 7: Julia Elliott Blends Genres


Choose two very different and seemingly incompatible genres and think about how you might combine them to create an interesting piece of fiction.

Sketch out a plan for a longer story or experiment with a single scene for a story.

Some genres: fantasy, folk tale, sci-fi, dystopian, horror, slipstream, magic realism, fairy tale, mystery, detective, noir, Southern Gothic, Appalachian noir, bodice ripper, gorno, tall tale, picaresque, yarn, mockumentary, conspiracy, parody, LGBTQ, pastiche, dark comedy, slasher, chick-lit, new weird, apocalyptic, post-apocalyptic, saga, historical, pandemic, alternate history, period piece, ghost story, bildungsroman, feminist sci-fi, action, planetary romance, space western, fan fiction, cyberpunk, post-cyberpunk, nanopunk, steampunk, biopunk, superhero, new age, forensic, psychological thriller, docudrama, medical drama, slapstick, Christian, instructional, self-help, dinosaur erotica, cli-fi, postmodern, memoir, disaster, family saga, high fantasy, epistolary novel, fake blog, fictional autobiography, Afrofuturism, fictional biography, space opera, reality, supernatural, speculative, roman a clef, young adult, zombie, wuxia, vampire, allegory, epic, comedy of manners, melodrama, travelogue, creepy kids, splatter, etc. etc. . . .”

Adam Morgan Recommends THE WILDS in New Column

Welcome to the first edition of Ask Adam Anything, a new column where I — Adam Morgan, founder of the Chicago Review of Books and Southern Review of Books, freelance culture critic by night and corporate content strategist by day — answer any questions you might have about books (including reading recommendations) as well as writing and editing careers (whether you’re pursuing freelance opportunities or full-time roles).”  In his first edition, Adam recommends Southern horror and sci-fi.